The Machine

The ECONOMIZER technology is
unique and internationally
patented. zitatzeichen

Our series machine

The ECONOMIZER SE currently is available in the size 2.5:

Processing capacity: up to 6,000 tons of dry matter per year
Energy consumption: 40 kW electricity and 275 kW caloric power – permanent
Size: length 14 m – width 3 m – height 8 m

For bigger installations parallel configurations of more ECONOMIZER SE 2.5 units are possible.

The construction of our ECONOMIZER SE systems is modular and standardised. This allows quality control on highest level. After the Factory Acceptance Test shipping and final erection on site take place within a few days.

Robustness and reliabilty of the process are key issues to achieve a high profitability. Therefore the ECONOMIZER machine is built from high quality materials and components, because only a high availability guarantees high economic yields.

The ECONOMIZER technology is protected by international patents (Patents No. EP 1 177 280 and EP 2 567 757).