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Fibers365 wins Innovation Award 2022

October 2022

Fibers365 GmbH, the sister company of AGRES SYSTEMS, has won the Bioeconomy Innovation Award of the State of Baden Württemberg 2022 with its unique STEAMFIBER concept, which is based on the AGRES technologies ECONOMIZER SE and AGROWFIBER SE! Congratulations to the whole team at the R&D site in Lenningen.


AGRES SYSTEMS builds first STEAMFIBER straw fiber factory in Ukraine

April 2021

Our Teofipol-based client has decided to upgrade his 6 ECONOMIZER SE-units and contracted AGRES SYSTEMS in April 2021 with the delivery of a 3-line AGROWFIBER plant with a total capacity of 15,000 tons of CO2-negative straw-pulp per year. The commissioning of the plant is scheduled end of 2021.


Fibers365 nominated for Sustainability Award

April 2021

Fibers365 - our partner company for the development and realisation of STEAMFIBER projects - was nominated as finalist of the 2021 Packaging Europe Sustainability Award in the cathegory Bio-Based Packaging. Being listed here among the top 5 we consider a big success for our concept to generate sustainable, CO2-negative cellulose pulp.


First ECONOMIZER SE 2.5 plant in Italy

February 2021

Italy's new biomethane feed-in tariff demands 50 % feedstock from residues or waste. Impossible for many – but not for the experienced biogas experts and agricultural entrepreneurs from Gestione Agricole Cavallari: to realise the extension of their 1 MW biogas plant for a parallel gas2grid line they selected the ECONOMIZER SE 2.5. Our first reference plant in Italy is now up and running, and for sure it won't be our last one.


News from Hahnennest: 2 awards for packaging made from Silphium-fibers

January 2021

A great success for our ECONOMIZER technology and the AGROWFIBER upgrade: OutNature GmbH, part of the Schwarz-Group (Lidl, Kaufland), has recently won 2 renowned awards with their alternative food packaging made from Silphium-Fibers:
Winner of the German Packaging Award 2020 in the category “New Material” and Winner 2020 of the Innovation Award “Bioeconomy” of the Baden-Württemberg State (Germany)
Both well reserved – congratulations!
(See also: Technical Article of Bioeconomy BW)


6 ECONOMIZER SE 2.5 lines for Europe's largest biogas plant

January 2021

The Ukrainian sugar mill in Teofipol runs a 16 MW electric power biogas plant – for sure one of the biggest agricultural AD plants in Europe. For their next expansion stage to 20 MW the owner decided to use his own residual crop straw as main feedstock. To make this possible we supplied 6 lines of ECONOMIZER SE 2.5 units. The straw-biogas-factory is in initial operation now, marking a new milestone for our mission.


Pulp production from annual plants / Energiepark Hahnennest (Germany)

December 2020

The 3MW biogas plant in the south-east German village of Hahnennest is the venue of the most innovative biogas project of recent years: Silage produced from the north american Cup Plant (silphium perfoliatum) is processed in large scale with the ECONOMIZER technology and the AGROWFIBER upgrade we developped into pulp: 50 % of the biomass after processing is delivered to the german paper mill “Lenningen”, 50 % is an energy rich feedstock passed to the existing AD plant. Energy self-sufficient, regional added value, ecologically sustainable and carbon-negative: a project full of superlatives, groundbreaking for the pulp and paper industry as well as the biogas business.
(See also: Fachverband Biogas Deutschland, Biogas Journal 6_2020, Titelstory: Silphiefasern für Verpackungsmaterial)