The Technology

Just a few steps,
and straw and manure become
the perfect biogas feedstock. zitatzeichen

That's how it works

First coarse cut residual materials are mixed with low quality water (1) and pre-heated by re-cycled process steam (2).

Then the substrate is fed in batches to the pressure steamcooker (3) and heated up to an optimum pressure and temperature level multiple times (4).

Subsequently the cooked material is released in portions with overpressure from the cooker (5). There a rapid pressure drop takes place, which effects the spontaneous evaporation of a part of the present water. This causes the “Steam Explosion Effect“: the rapidly expanding steam bubbles tear the soft-cooked substrates into finest fibres.

After the disintegrated slurry has cooled down (6) a liquid or solids feeding systems transfers the feedstock (7) to the fermenter.