Our Clients

It will be hard in future
to operate biogas plants
without ECONOMIZER SE. zitatzeichen

Operators of agricultural biogas plants

Increasing feedstock costs and tough regulations demanding alternative feedstocks burden your plant's economy.

With the ECONOMIZER SE you will process straw, manure and other agricultural residues so that your biogas plant is able to digest these substrates trouble-free and with impressive biomethane yields.

Operators of waste AD plants

Installations for anaerobic biowaste and foodwaste digestion are state of the art.

However the one-sided feedstock characteristics are difficult to handle.

ECONOMIZER SE provides the opportunity to add low in nutrient substrates like residual straw, which stabilises the fermentation balance and increases biomethane yields significantly.

Green waste disposers

Assorted green waste and landscaping residues don't have to take the composting path completely.

Much more sense it makes to produce biogas. After pre-treatment with the ECONOMIZER SE technology waste biomass is converted into a high-value alternativ feedstock for a sustainable energy generation.

Agricultural industry

Worldwide huge quantities of industrial waste and residual materials are used inefficently or simply disposed of. Sugar cane bagasse or palm oil fruit residues are well known examples.

Why not digest these feedstocks after treatment with ECONOMIZER SE, and generate sustainable renewable energy for self-sufficiency or grid feed?

The minimum size to apply the ECONOMIZER technology typically is 1 MW (electricity production) resp. 250 m³/h biomethane (gas2grid).

For biogas plants exceeding 1.5 MW several ECONOMIZER SE lines can be installed.